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G. Kent Brown:  photographer, videographer, CEO and founder of Raintree TV.


             G. Kent Brown has undergraduate and graduate degrees from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. He is a native of Raintree County (Henry County).  G. Kent has a diverse background including providing psychotherapy services to a variety of patients for many years, and providing photography and videography services to a variety of clientele.  G. Kent is no stranger to stage and screen.  He’s had small parts in over a dozen films, voice-over parts in commercials, written and directed commercials, and directed theatre productions.  G. Kent has performed in numerous theatre productions, including “Boolie” in Muncie Civic Theatre’s award-winning production of “Driving Miss Daisy’, performed at an International Theatre Festival in Dundalk, Ireland in 1993.   G. Kent has focused more of his energy on writing screenplays in recent years.  He has a specia1 interest in writing about events and experiences which explore emotions and the human condition.

            G. Kent’s interest in “PEST HOUSE” developed around the “facts” and “emotions” of people, in an east-central Indiana town (Knightstown), faced with a Small Pox epidemic and Quarantine in the summer of 1902.  “PEST HOUSE’ focuses on the impact of anger, fear, survival, romance, and moral and ethical issues.  Two sequels are currently in development.

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