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Official Committee for the Preservation of Dreams

Orville & Wilbur Wright dreaming of the First Flight

             Two East Central Indiana filmmakers have struck a strategic alliance to form The Official Committee for the Preservation of Dreams.”  The committee is being formed to recognize “the greatest invention of the 20th century,” the airplane.

            G. Kent Brown, New Castle, president of Raintree County Images, and Chuck Darling of Richmond, CEO of New Venture Films, are developing a series of projects celebrating the 100th anniversary of aviation, the projects will include two documentaries and a feature film about aviation pioneers Wilbur and Orville Wright.

The projects will include coverage of the Dec. 17, 2003, re-enactment at the Wright brothers’ first flight at Kitty Hawk, NC. The re-enactment flight will be the “academy award of events leading up to the centennial anniversary of flight” according to Darling and Brown.

Wilbur Wright, the third son of Bishop Milton and Susan Wright, was born on a small farm near Millville, Ind., in Henry County, on April 16, 1867. Orville Wright 1871-1948) was born at 7 Hawthorn St., in Dayton, Ohio. Bishop Wright moved frequently from job to job, so the family changed houses often. But the house at 7 Hawthorn St., remained in the family’s possession for a long time.

The documentaries that Brown and Darling plan to produce will focus on the Wright family’s connection to Richmond, Ind.

The Wrights lived in three different houses in Richmond, Brown said. The family moved from Richmond back to Dayton in June of last the month that Wilbur was supposed to graduate from high school. Wilbur left Richmond without receiving his diploma.  He returned to Central High School the next year, however, for further studies in Greek and trigonometry.

While researching the projects, Brown said, “we’ve run across some astounding discoveries about the first flight.”

The feature film that Brown and Darling plan to produce will focus on the Wright brothers’ dreams of developing the first airplane. The film will examine the discoveries the brothers made during their long journey to get to that historic first flight on Dec. 17, 1903.

In their efforts to get the feature film into production, Brown said “we’re working with a major recording studio in Nashville, Tenn., and a leading artist to develop a score for the feature film and the documentaries.”

Brown said that a former executive for a major motion picture studio also would be involved in the projects.

Brown is an actor, writer, producer and director. Darling has done associate production work with Century Cinema Corp. on several films and television series.

Both are originally from the historic -- and legendary – “Raintree County,” Henry County, Ind.

The pair has worked on many projects together. They co-authored a feature film script, “Pest House: The Gateway,” based on a smallpox epidemic that quarantined the small community of Knightstown, Ind., in the summer of 1902.

The two filmmakers have several other projects in development, including two feature film scripts/sequels to “Pest House.”

            Brown and Darling soon will announce details of plans for a nationwide video competition for aspiring filmmakers in connection with the Wright brothers’ contributions to aviation.

            There will be separate categories -- one for students ages 8 through high school, and one for college level students. The theme of the video competition will Focus on the centennial anniversary of flight, Brown said.

            Videos from the competition will be premiered at an awards ceremony, possibly to be held in either Richmond, Ind., or Dayton, Ohio.

            Anyone who wants more information, or who wants to participate in some way, may inquire by e-mail here.


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"Original Wright Bros. Flyer (HD)," Uploaded by on Aug 24, 2009
This is the one that started all... The authentic, the very same, pioneer, legitimate, only original 'Flyer' built by the Wright brothers that flew at Kitty Hawk, NC, December 17, 1903, as the first controlled and sustained heavier-than-air powered human flight.
Here displayed at 'The Wright Brothers and the Invention of the Aerial Age' exhibit, in the National Air and Space Museum, by the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC.

"Wright Brothers Flying Replica," Uploaded by on Oct 14, 2007
Wright Brother's Flyer III replica being flown at Huffman Field in Dayton Ohio on October 5, 2007 by pilot and builder, Mark Dusenberry.














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